Sunday, December 30, 2007

Worrying about the Prince

photo courtesy L.A. Time Machines

The L.A. Time Machines website has put up an alert about Koreatown's wonderfully-preserved restaurant/bar The Prince...
CALL FOR ACTION: Readers of this site have been telling me that there may be big changes for the Prince Korean Restaurant a year or so down the road. I don't know what these changes are, but when one considers that the place is already perfect and very historic, this possible change, if true, is of great concern to me. I consider the Prince to be the second most important and best preserved historic restaurant interior in Los Angeles (after Musso's), as well as being one of the top five best "time machine" and cultural restaurants in general in Los Angeles. This is where the great restaurant scene in "Chinatown" was filmed. I hope people will investigate the situation and impress upon the owners of the restaurant and the Windsor apartment building how important the place is to you and Los Angeles in general. Might be a good idea to make your views known to the Los Angeles Conservancy (and join!) as well.
That would really be a shame, since the Prince is one of the few intact places in L.A. I'm glad I had my birthday there about five years ago, but I think it's time for a return visit soon.


Kanani said...

These places are so hard to find. It's one of the reasons I like to go to The Derby in Arcadia. I hope they don't make sweeping changes.

LYT said...

I was there recently, and shocked to find live octopus no longer on the menu.

That's a bad enough change -- hope no more are imminent.

Anonymous said...