Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Go Rameniac!

As I explained to students when I spoke at Patric Kuh's foodwriting class at UCLA, many of the best personal blogs are the most focused. I gave The Great Taco Hunt and Rameniac's blog as examples of blogs that concentrate on one thing and do it really well. Well, Rameniac got a huge feature in today's L.A. Times food section listing his favorite ramen spots! (It looks like the traffic may have temporarily crashed his blog, so check back later.) Of course I can't help but be a little snarky...but isn't it great that bloggers are out there to help the Times find interesting restaurants?


Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! I soooo agree. Without food bloggers, I'd never find good restaurant suggestions...especially in the LA Times!
Hooray for the bloggers! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Looks like that story killed the site, too! It's all "Forbidden" like the ISP turned them off for bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

But can you explain the misleading five top ramen spots that were really four by the Rameniac and a fifth that they included because it was trendy but not really very good??