Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The 99 cent chef

Last weekend Eating L.A. went to a Hollywood art gallery premiere of The 99 Cent Chef, starring and created by Billy Vasquez. You too can watch Billy shopping for his gourmet excursions on Youtube. But you won't be able to taste the 99 Cent store masterpieces he created for the opening, like Cup O'Noodles with coconut milk and asparagus or banana pudding mini-tarts (on generic vanilla wafers.)
Who knew the 99 Cent store had fresh asparagus? Good job, Billy, but next time we come for dinner, we'll bring the main course, and you can provide the Mexican spreading cheese/smoked oyster hors d'oeuvres.


chicopants said...

the recount sounds appalling and awesome!

Sara'sMom said...

Entertaining and creative; The 99 cent chef gets my vote for best production!

H. C. said...

when I saw that title I instantly thought "Rachael Ray on hyper crack!" ~ but yea, interesting exhibit.