Monday, November 27, 2006

Yes, we have a mission

It's getting very bloggy out there...Eater LA launches today, brought to you from the Eater NY blogglomerate, and we already told you about Variety's The Knife. So Eating L.A. is taking this opportunity to reaffirm what we're all about, just so y'all don't get too confused.
  • Eating L.A., basically, is mostly about eating. We like a good news item as much as anyone (keep 'em coming!) but our main mandate is the discovery of deliciousness, not gossip, which we save for the office.
  • To that end, it's not about celebs or rich folks. Well, we did see Ron Livingston at Alegria one time, and Chloe Sevigny at the Edendale Grill, but we mostly send our sightings to Defamer, where they rightly belong.
  • Eating L.A. tries to cover the map both geographically and price-wise, but we're especially devoted to ferreting out good food in neighborhoods including, but not limited to the greater Silver Lake area, Hollywood, Downtown and the San Gabriel Valley. As far as price and cuisines, affordable is our middle name, and well, cheap is our other middle name. Cuisines: gourmet hamburgers are great, excellent pizza even better. But we could eat Asian food several times a week and never get tired, so you'll find lots of reviews of Chinese, Thai, Japanese and many other ethnic flavors here too.

So, not that you asked, but there you go. Oh, and we (well, really just me and the occasional guest blogger) are L.A. natives who have spent years combing the local food scene.

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Shannon said...

wondering if you have royal claytons on your map...i've been there twice and have enjoyed it much. it's waaay downtown and i'm not sure how much people outside the general neighborhood are willing to venture to get there. just curious.