Saturday, December 02, 2006

Taste test: Asia in the Los Feliz Ledger

My latest review from the Los Feliz Ledger isn't online yet, although you can find the papers around the neighborhood at places like Skylight Books and Silver Lake Coffee Company. And no, that wasn't me working on my laptop at Silver Lake Coffee, I'm afraid -- Jonathan, blogger at LAFiltered who just moved to the neighborhood, spied another lass with similar glasses there.
Anyway, this month's review is Asia Los Feliz. This isn't really the type of restaurant I would normally go to, but I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the food. Here's an excerpt from the review:
"Asia Los Feliz has more of a slick Hollywood vibe than a funky Atwater feel, and prices to match. With solid cooking and a vast menu, it's a good choice for both dates and celebratory groups. Lunch specials, including stir-fry dishes with salad and rice or sushi combos ($9-15), offer a less pricey way to sample the flavors of Asia."


Anonymous said...

haha I made a blog!

brian said...

love the blog. great work.
asia in los feliz is possibly one of THE worst places I have eaten at in several years.
The staff is fairly efficient and friendly. We were seated promptly for our 8pm reservations.
But the food. the food.
My fiancee actually got sick from the sushi. I mean, full on sick. vomit. the whole 9 yards.

Another friend ordered something from "the wok" section. "lightly battered" chicken. the chicken was all batter. how the heck do they deep fry something like that?

And after reading the gigantic cheesecake factory type menu. so many pages and so many choices, i was already slightly alarmed. so i went with the kobe beef burger. which was actually the star of the evening but sadly was definately the kobe beef patty from costco. the fries were also from costco.

the only star of the evening was the coconut shrimp appetizers and to be honest i would not be surprised if those were also frozen food that they just threw in the fryer.

way overpriced. all show and no go. i should have known better from the cheesy website with the cheesy random chinese characters.