Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crispy Pork Gang: The gang's all here for crunchy pork bits

With a fun-to-remember name and open 24/7,  Crispy Pork Gang and Grill has beome one of Thai Town's newer hits. Located at Hollywood's veritable nexus of Thai goodness (the mini-mall at the corner of Hollywood and Hobart that also houses Ruen Pair, Red Corner Asia, Ban Khanom, etc.), Crispy Pork Gang departs from the all-too-familiar Thai menu by offering numerous dishes larded, so to speak, with delectable bits of crunchy pork. You're likely familiar with the Thai penchant for starting out with a heap of oh-so-nutritious Chinese broccoli and then showering it with a flurry of fried cracklings -- it's a standard menu offering at most Thai restaurants. But Crispy Pork Gang takes it a bit further, making the piggy cubes available on several other dishes.
crispy pork fried rice

Crispy pork fried rice is likely not the healthiest dish you will eat this week, but I'm willing to bet it will be one of the most delicious, with each grain of rice coated with a bit of the dissolved pork fat and uber-crispy bits of pork dotting the dish. And there's green beans and red peppers mixed in, so you feel like you had your vegetables.
boat noodle soup

Crispy Pork Gang's soups are available in small or large sizes, very convenient for getting to taste more dishes. The boat noodles are textbook, available in either beef or pork, and it's hard to imagine a bowl that has more going on for $3.50. Duck soup with crispy pork is another intriguing option. We didn't try anything from the small Grill section of the menu, but next time we'll certainly do Lime chile trout or Grilled jumbo squid.
fried morning glory salad

Fried morning glory salad is a bit greasy, but then, what do you expect if you order a "salad" made out of fried vegetables? Morning glories are also available stir-fried with crispy pork on top. Also available with crispy pork: Papaya salad and probably just about anything else, if you ask for it.
Prices are super low, and the desserts like mango and sticky rice sound good if you haven't already filled up on pork cubes. Delivery is also available.
Crispy Pork Gang
5253 Hollywood Blvd
(323) 465-9796

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I like how you described the boat noodle as textbook. I guess I won't go out of my way for it ;)