Sunday, October 28, 2012

Silver Lake Ramen: Expanding the neighborhood's noodle palate

A former pupuseria got a sleek makeover in the Silver Sun Liquor plaza
Now that I've moved back to Silver Lake, I couldn't be happier about the array of new restaurants for everyday eating. Sure, it would be nice to have more destination restaurants in the neighborhood, but most of us can't afford to go to those places too often anyway. Silver Lake Ramen is another solid entry to add to your everyday eating rotation which might already include pho, doner kebab, currywurst and tacos. It's hard to imagine that this sleek little spot is the same place I used to get 99 cent burritos when I first moved to the neighborhood many moons ago, but with a handful of tables and a brisk takeout business, Silver Lake Ramen is already a popular spot.
Ramen purists may find the pork tonkatsu broth lacking in earthiness or the noodles slightly short of noodle nirvana, but I say it's a very respectable bowl of soup. The menu is brief, but adding a combo package of salad and a side bowl is well worth the extra $3.50 -- the spicy tuna bowl was one of the better ones I've had. A few sushi rolls, gyoza and pork or chicken bowls over rice are also available. 
Pork tonkatsu broth,but with chicken
As for the ramen, there's basically a choice between tonkatsu (pork) broth and shoyu (soy) broth. Pork broth is available with chicken or pork slices -- I'd advise pork, since the chicken was sourced from somewhat random parts of the bird. A dab of chili paste is a nice addition, or add extras like egg, corn or butter to customize the bowl. We only tried the pork broth, but it was rich and satisfying, while the noodles were fine if not life-changing. This being Silver Lake, vegetarian ramen with miso broth is of course on the menu. Beer and sake are alo served. 
OK, now ramen is covered -- can we haz Burmese next please?  
Silver Lake Ramen (in the Silver Sun Liquor plaza)
2927 Sunset Blvd.

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Food GPS said...

The ramen doesn't look very good, but I'm interested in trying the spicy tuna bowl and gyoza. Silver Lake may not have the best pho or ramen, but at least the neighborhood can support those types of restaurants at this point.

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