Sunday, May 09, 2010

DeliBar: Chameau's informal stepchild

The old Chameau was a charming place, with savory sweet duck bastilla and one of L.A.'s most fun interiors, like taking a trip to a colorful modern souk. It wasn't terribly expensive, but it was still too high for most people to eat at frequently, and besides, how often does anyone crave Moroccan food? So the owners revamped the space and turned it into Chameau DeliBar, a handy spot for a sandwich or some salads to take home. It's not ncessarily a destination spot, but it's probably a lot more useful if you live in the neighborhood or need a bite before a movie at Cinefamily. The sandwich menu offers selections like the merguez sausage with olive tapenade and crispy leeks; there's also hot panini, wraps, salads and customizable sandwiches. I chose tuna salad on a pretzel roll with harissa, a winning combination that I'd gladly return for. I like a place with lots of interesting salads in the display case, and DeliBar doesn't disappoint: there's a zingy eggplant salad, Moroccan-style carrot salad, golden beets, quinoa and marinated vegetables. Like Larchmont Larder and other similar spots, there's roast chickens, mac 'n cheese and other sides to assemble a meal at home; unlike those spots, the vaguely Moroccan theme is a welcome change of pace. Even better, since there's still a beer and wine license and plenty of seating, you can linger over a glass of Tempranillo and a cheese and charcuterie plate. And thank goodness, they kept the colorful decor and funky eyelash ceiling decoration.
339 N. Fairfax
(323) 951-0039

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best culinary schools said...

I've heard so many great things about this place. Being an LA native I love finding hot food joints in and around the area. That sandwich looks so tasty!

Now I have to check this place out.