Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feast: Another new site for L.A. restaurants

As we mentioned last week, NBC-owned Feast has joined the L.A. food site fray with features including videos and a Metacritic-style system of restaurant ratings. Joshua Lurie of FoodGPS is one of the writers, while longtime L.A. writer Carole Dixon is editing the site. At the moment, the restaurant ratings seem completely incomprehensible, but perhaps as more reviews are added the numbers will start to even out? Because it doesn't make any sense at all for Barbrix to get a 57 "Good" rating while in the Silver Lake area, only Cha Cha Cha rates a 69 "very good." When was the last time anyone reviewed Cha Cha Cha, anyway? Only Bazaar seems to rate over 80 or "near epic"


H. C. said...

heh definite mismatch between numbers and verbal qualifier, though I guess it can attributed to our school days when 59 below is essentially fail. Maybe the scale should go from 50-100 instead?

mattatouille said...

I think describing a restaurant as "epic" should be used rather sparingly. It's not like the fate of nations hang in the balance. I like the layout of Feast though, it's clean and easy to read.