Thursday, December 03, 2009

Baking goes bacon at Eat My Blog Saturday

Bacon apple pie before top crust is applied

Sorry for the vacation lull and the delayed "Top Chef" report -- it's rough re-entering after vacation...
Meanwhile, I'm gearing up to recruit my kids to help bake for the Eat My Blog bakesale Saturday from 10-4 in front of Zeke's Smokehouse at Santa Monica and La Brea. We're contributing bacon apple pie and dark chocolate walnut cookies. Here's a few other bacony delights in store (there will also be plenty of vegan and regular non-bacon baked goods):
Bacon-covered pretzels
Bacon-walnut maple fudge
Bacon brownies with bourbon caramel sauce
Bacon-wrapped breadsticks


Food GPS said...

It's a bacon wrapped world, and we're just living in it. Welcome back to the blogosphere. See you at Eat My Blog.

carter said...

The perfect way to get your daily dose of Vitamin P.

Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen said...

This looks amazing! I'm working the bake sale so I'll be looking out for this for sure!

The Duo Dishes said...

By now you've probably heard that a lovely man bought your entire pie. Way to go! It's possible that it was our wrangling skills that brought him to the table, but who cares about that. :) Looked really good though. Would've loved to take a bite!

Yasmin/Yaz Lawsuit said...

Bacon on top of a pie? A little weird, but brilliant idea nonetheless. :)