Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Verdugo Bar: Sundays are where it's at

Sunday vegan beer BBQ
Before I left for Norcal I stopped by the Verdugo Bar's beer garden for the Sunday afternoon BBQ, and it is a very cool scene. I've been hoping a beer garden would open for a long time, and although Verdugo doesn't have a kitchen, they're improvising with a barbecue area on the patio and rotating caterers. The day I was there, Evan and Alex from HotKnives were making vegan bahn mi and vegan pulled pork along with homemade potato chips.
Seitan banh mi
I liked the seitan sandwich (above), but a little flesh would also be welcome to go with the good brews. I believe Evan and Alex also selected the music, which I loved, since it was like a tour of my own collection. Other Sundays will have different eats and different music:
This Sunday, Aug. 30, is Dublab with traditional (read: MEAT!) and vegan bahn mi sandwiches by Mandoline Grill, from 2-9. Check the website for the music and food for each week, but don't miss this great summer hangout.
Verdugo Bar
3408 Verdugo Rd.
Glassell Park


betty said...

Wonderful,yummy site-thanks for the pictures and info! Betty

quarrygirl said...

wait, did i hear that right? this sunday they will have vegan stuff as well?

Natalie DeJohn said...

Love Verdugo Bar. I went to the Hot Knives vegan extravaganza. So yummy!