Friday, July 10, 2009

Bastille Day is coming: Il faut faire la fete!

Since Bastille Day, July 14, falls on Tuesday, most of the events are Sunday, while some restaurants are celebrating all week. Vive la liberté !

Sunday is the big Bastille Day Celebration in Elysian Park from noon-10 pm, sponsored by the French-American Chamber of Commerce. Admission is $5, and there's food booths, a waiter race, and a chance to win a trip to France.

Walking to the train last night I noticed that Nicole's Gourmet Foods is having a celebration from 12-4 the past they've had barbecued merguez and all kinds of deliciousness, so it's probably a good one. Call for more info (website is un peu out out of date.)

Also Sunday, Comme Ca kicks off the celebration from 3-7 with a huge block of ice for making hand-carved ice chips for $5 cocktails. They sound quite intriguing, with ingredients like housemake blueberry syrup and lemon verbena. There's also $7 plates like pork belly confit with apple, fennel and ginger salad. All week long, Comme Ca has a $40 three-course menu with artichoke provencal, monkfish, rabbit or gnocchi and cherry clafoutis.

Is there anyplace more Froggy than The Little Next Door. Non! All day Tuesday there's a 10% discount on everything on the menu, plus a special breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eggs benedict ratatouille for $6 -- pourquoi pas?

If you're actually French, you can get in on a reception Tuesday given by the consul general at the Pacific Design Center...but you have to read this French web page and state that you're really French. There's even a ball afterwards, thrown by French Tuesdays.

If you just want a super-Frenchy meal, try the new Le Saint Amour in Culver City, from the owners of Downtown's Angelique Cafe, or Church & State Downtown -- it's owned by Steven Arroyo, but the food is far more serious than Cobras and Matadors. J. Gold says, get the pig ears.


christie said...

I love both Church and State. They serve amazing food and give you your money's worth.

christie said...

oops typo. meant to write both Church and State and Nicole's Gourmet Foods.

Natty said...

Woohoo Nicoles! I live one block away. Can't wait! Thanks for the reminder.

carter said...

Already set for Tuesday at Le Saint Amour. Really like this place and the food is very good and the menu very French.