Monday, February 09, 2009

Reservoir reveals menu

Last week, Silver Lake Blvd.'s Reservoir started hiring servers in view of an opening in the next few weeks. The updated website has the full "seasonal, rustic cuisine" menu with prices. Chef Gloria Felix has some interesting-sounding dishes on tap: jicama and panko-crusted shrimp tacos with spicy aioli and fennel slaw as an appetizer($14) ; pizza with chorizo, quince and asiago cheese ($8); the Reservoir burger with fries is $16. Main dishes like shortribs ($28), halibut ($28), or pan-seared chicken breast ($18) come with "set-ups," which are a selection of sides like braised Tuscan kale with fingerling potatoes or roasted Brussels sprouts with sweet potato puree. Darren Roberts is the general manager and co-owner with Felix.

(In case you were wondering, EatingLA's first report on Reservoir dates back to July 5, 2006.


HerbyN said...

the menu looks wonderful and delicious. seems like the quality ingredient, rustic contintental/provencial thing is quite the rage (canele, palate food + wine, et al). this chef has a great reputation and i'm sure the food will be great, however, it can't be an easy time to open a restaurant at these price points in this economy... correct me if i'm wrong, but my quick calculation after a look at the menu is that an appetizer, entree, glass of wine here will run between $40 to $70 per person before tip... ouch! not that it won't be "worth it" when you judge by the quality of the food, but can this be an on-going sustainable concern in this economy charging folks $16 for a "gourmet burger"? time will tell. i do wish them well.

Anonymous said...

omygoodness, yet ANOTHER 1-word restaurant in the area. You got Park, Home, Local and now Resevoir. I can't keep track !@#*%$

Anonymous said...

the scallops looks so good..