Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kogi's permanent location, tamales at Locali and big sale at Cube

A little lunchtime grabbag of notes...

LATimes' Daily Dish reveals that the Kogi BBQ folks will take over the kitchen at the Alibi Room on Washington Blvd. in Culver City starting around Feb. 18 or 19. Someone give those guys a publicity trophy or something...
--Here's EatingLA's earlyish review of the truck from December.

Cube Marketplace is having a 40% off sale Thursday through Saturday, both online and in the store. The sale doesn't include refrigerated products like cheese and salami, but does include all sorts of gourmet goodies like imported truffles, estate olive oils, rare honey, single source chocolates, fruit & vegetable vinegars and single source chocolates. Sounds like just the place to supply a Valentine's Feast.

Locali market in Hollywood now carries tamales from La Guera Tamalera in flavors including: Organic Free-Range Chicken in Green Sauce; Blue Corn JalapeƱo & Cheese (vegetarian), Spinach & Mushroom (vegan, savory), Sasquash (vegan*, sweet), FigNana (vegan*, sweet), and new Apple Pie (vegan*, sweet).
...But not pork, because Locali doesn't carry pork products.
-- Here's EatingLA's first impression of Locali.

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Doran said...

Regardless of the future of Kogi BBQ, they have proved we need dozens of specialized taco trucks throughout the Southland. Kogi is (hopefully) just the start.