Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Sweet Cupcake: a sweet detour in South Pasadena

My Sweet Cupcake opened this week on Mission St. in South Pasadena, just a few doors down from The Little Parlor pizzeria and convenient to the Gold Line station. It's mostly cupcakes, but they'll be adding a few other items when they get settled in and will also make custom cakes. The shop is done up in homey red and white polka dots, and the adjoining gift shop has some ever-so-cute cupcake-themed gifts as well.
Cupcakes are $2.50 each, with rotating flavors each day. Today's selection was mostly classic flavors like Red Velvet, Simply Chocolate and Oreo Delight. I'm a little cupcaked out, so I'll let my tasters describe the cupcakes:
Sophie: "The Simply Chocolate had a surprise pudding center, with sweet, creamy frosting. It tasted homemade, in a good way. It wasn't a fancy bittersweet chocolate frosting, just very homemade and yummy."
Matt: "The Oreo Delight was all about the frosting, which really did taste like Oreos with its cookie topping. The cake was a supporting player, but was nicely moist."
On other days, flavors like Berry Blues, Coconut Snowball, the Java Fix and Dulce de Leche will make an appearance.
My Sweet Cupcake is open Tues. - Sat. at 954 Mission St., South Pasadena.

(and let's go easy on the comments this time please -- please post a comment only if you've tasted them at the new shop or are a regular commenter, and are are not friends of the owners, or the comments will go away!)


Anonymous said...

I am a South Pasadena resident and can tell you that we have been waiting for months, with excitement, for My Sweet Cupcake to open. I took my kids in this past Saturday and what a treat! We love the old style feel and the folks were just wonderful! And, we "loved" our cupcakes. I had the "Simply Vanilla" and will be back for more.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by earlier in the week, only to find that they had sold out of all their cupcakes (a promising sign). When I did get in there at the official opening, I tried the Red Velvet and the basic Vanilla. Yum! Moist cake, little pudding surprise in the vanilla one. The red velvet was great and moist (which isn't always the case with those) and the cream cheese frosting was just right. They were great- make sure to give them a try next time you are in South Pas.

Anonymous said...

My sister, nephew and I stopped in last Friday to taste the chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. All were pronounced "good," but nephew thought the chocolate icing was "too sweet" and my sister was of the opinion that the red velvet was made from a mix. ::shrug:: We'll try some more in the future - it is their first week, after all.

Julie Trevelyan said...

I just bought a red velvet cupcake from them the other day--YUM!!! Going back today to indulge more. Lucky me, I'm staying with family at the moment who live just around the corner, within walking distance.

Very cute shop, nice people, and a damn good cupcake. It's the little indulgences in rather bleak times like these that I appreciate... :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty tasty. I live around the corner and walk by the place everyday on my way to the gold line. I've been waiting for it to open. I had two cupcakes and both were delicious. Very moist. Pricey but good. I'll be back to try the other flavors. The only thing is their hours are weird. I wish they opened earlier so that I could get some to bring to work, instead of bringing donuts to work.

Anonymous said...

Thank your for your wonderful comments posted about My Sweet Cupcake. My wife Linda and her business partner, Denise are the very proud owners of this new venture.

They've only been officially open since January 31 and they are practically selling out every day. People in South Pasadena and the neighboring communities have just thoroughly embraced My Sweet Cupcake and have been so incredibly supportive.

Linda and Denise are basically two moms who wanted to go back to work, but wanted to do something that they loved and really enjoyed--cupcakes! So that is fundamentally how My Sweet Cupcake came to fruition.

In addition to the flavors you mentioned, they also have vegan cupcakes. The vegan cupcakes were a special treat for Valentine's Day. Since they did so well and the response for them was really great, they've been worked into their regular weekly menu. The ladies are just learning how to get a handle on the basic economic concept of "supply / demand".

Linda and Denise researched a lot of (many, many, MANY) different cupcake specialty bakeries---both locally and nationally---and My Sweet Cupcake's prices are very competitive for the quality of cupcake you get. Wonderful flavor, the right texture and consistency, individual creativity and a refreshing uniqueness are all serious considerations when My Sweet Cupcake creates and develops their recipes, menu selections and pricing.

I'm so thrilled that you put My Sweet Cupcake our there for your readers. I hope you'll pay us a visit and have a cupcake, or a dozen.


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Lauree said.....
I took a short stop on my way into downtown, Metro train ofcourse. Please open up earlier. I was so bummed to see you open at 11:00 that's so late for those of us who are into work by 10:00. You are missing out of alot of buisness.
I can't wait to sink my teeth into your your store front decor!

barb cabot said...

We love their cupcakes. Red velvet is my favorite and love the cream cheese frosting, mmmmm. Ilive in Long Beach but have friends in the area so we always make a point of stopping there. The prices compared to other cupcakeries is very fair. We have found that the cupcakes here are moister than many other places. This is our fave cupcake place in all of Los Angeles.

Offbeat Follies said...

My Sweet Cupcake rocks! My favorite is the pumpkin cupcake (mostly seasonal) and the raspberry lemonade, which I received for free on my birthday <3