Friday, January 30, 2009

Kogi gets a new truck; Silver Lake and Melrose tonight

Kogi BBQ got a second truck to fill Angeleno's near-insatiable need for Korean-flavored tacos. They're getting it up and running, according to their website, the better to cover all of L.A.
Tonight, they're on Sunset at Manzanita in Silver Lake at 6 pm and then at 9 pm will move to the StampedLA Shoe pop-up shop party at 7700 Melrose.


HerbyN said...

will this be a regular weekly stop or was this a one-off? just curious, as i just got around to this posting and have been wanting to try this new "phenomenon"...

Right Way to Eat said...

Thank goodness they got a 2nd truck. They needed it!

The first time around, I was able to order my stuff with only 12 people ahead of me. Now I have heard they would run out of food in matter of hours. The Phenomenon is getting big for this venture and I'm happy to see it caught on.