Saturday, October 18, 2008

Morning Glory brittle: here's to a sweet election

The best thing about bake sales, besides donating to a cause you believe in, is getting to taste homey handmade baked goods -- some of which are now available commercially. At last week's fundraiser, we tasted fudge from Ellelle, available at Little Flower Candy. Then last night we tried brittle with distinctive flavorings from Morning Glory Confections. Morning Glory brittle is an adult-oriented crunchy confection flavored with cocoa nibs, coffee, pecan, chai and curry, made by former private chef Max Lesser, whose wife Susan blogs at Silver Lake Blvd. and the more baby-focused Reservation for Three.The brittle will soon be available at local spots like Lark Cakes and Fix Coffee.


Michael said...

How anyone can support the Democratic party after what they did to little Joe the plumber just shows the denial you people live in. A guy asked a questioned and he is hounded like a criminal. That is the CHANGE you want. Give me Bush's Patriot Act any day over Obama's Chains. That is the Change he believes in.

Michael said...

Bittersweet Election
If Obama is Elected, he will
Raise all of our taxes
Muffle Dissent
Appoint Activist Judges
Free the terrorists from Gitmo and give each at least a million dollars or more as settlement for their "illegal detention".
Enact the Fair Doctrine knocking off popular radio shows
He will over turn NAFTA.
Our Current Recession will be turn into a Depression.
Unemployment will rise to over 10%
Iran will acquire Nuclear bomb and shut off the Straits of Hormuz.
Russia will annex Ukraine and Georgia. Obama won't lift a finger
Obama is nothing short of a Train Wreck.
Only you can prevent it. Vote for Leadership, wisdom and experience.

Doran said...

Michael, maybe you weren't paying attention, but it was McCain who thrust Mr. Wurzelbacher into the spotlight. He was used to make what turned out to be a false claim: The Obama tax plan would raise Joe's taxes, when in fact they would be lowered. Since then, Joe, who is hardly "little" and is well known locally for his politics, has made the most of it. Today he was a guest on Fox News.

Doran said...

I just want to know where I can find that Obama chewing artwork.

sku said...

Wow. Who bothers to flame a food blog over a post about a bake sale? No wonder McCain is losing.

Now if we want to talk about the best Thai in NoHo...flame on!

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