Friday, October 17, 2008

Yuca's donates to Obama tonight

Stop by Yuca's tonight before the Obamathan bake sale at Fresh-Pressed, and Yuca's on Hollywood will donate 20% to the Obama campaign. Cochinita pibil for the change!
Yuca’s on Hollywood event from 5 - 9 PM
4666 Hollywood Blvd.
Fresh Pressed event from 6 –11 PM


Anonymous said...

Well, we hope he loses. America doesn't need socialism.

Food GPS said...

Good find. Cochinita Pibil and Obama: a winning combination. In other Obama-related food news, Scoops is hosting Flavors for Change. You have until October 25 to suggest an Obama-themed flavor on the marker board. From October 27 -31, Tai will make the winning flavors, and proceeds will benefit Obama's campaign.:

Michael said...

Save your dollars. Then you can spread the wealth around Obama style when his goons coming knocking.

Michael said...

Flavors for change.
Attack the blue collar workers for speaking their mind.
Tax small business into bankruptcy.
Tax blogs like these for their nonsense.
Spread the wealth around like cream cheese on a bagel. MMMM!!!

xie said...

great idea, but it seems that the man's already raised more money than any nominee in history...