Monday, August 18, 2008

R.I.P. Chris Rubin, local food and wine writer

I'm sorry to report that Chris Rubin, longtime food, wine and travel writer for publications including Travel & Leisure, the L.A. Times, Variety and the Los Feliz Ledger, died Friday in Los Angeles of complications of cancer at just 49 years old. Here's the Variety obit for Chris. Most recently he was L.A. editor for Gayot Publications. Chris had a wicked sense of humor and a way with words. His love of food, wine and fine spirits was matched only by his intolerance of patio dining at Cafe Stella for Chris! A world traveller and bon vivant, he left us at far too young an age, and with who else could I have discussed obscure bands of the 1970s and 80?
Here's an article Chris wrote on Kopi Luwak, the coffee harvested from civet droppings. And here's a Variety article on how to deal with sommeliers, and an L.A. Times piece on Tom Leykis and his wine collection.


Anonymous said...

Pat - That picture makes me sad all over again. But it's good sad. Nice seeing you yesterday. Thanks for helping us all remember the excellent Chris. Love, Leslee

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pat, for doing such a nice piece on Chris. What a way to finally meet though.

Somehow Chris and I became friends about 20 years ago...he was still married to Nan...and when he got divorced I fixed him up all over the place. And then he lucked out and met Deborah who saved his life as long as she could. Witty, acerbic, liked who he liked and hated who he hated. You always knew where you stood, where he stood on things. No bs. I will miss him as will so many others.

Love the picture, too. He hasn't had hair in a while!

from Jane

Anonymous said...

Chris was one of my best friends for the last six years and I can't even explain the grief I feel. He was always there for me, and it's a tremendous loss.

Anonymous said...

I knew Chris for many years, dating back to his early days as a freelance writer. He figured out how to make his avocation his vocation. Chris had a real passion for food and for writing and was a true professional to work with. His excellence will be sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to Chris every so often on the phone but that photo reminds me I hadn't seen him in a while and I am so sorry for what he went through. He was a dream to work with and I valued our friendship over the years. He was a true gentleman and I am so glad to have known him. Loving thoughts to everyone who grieves for Chris, Margie Vodopia Carroll

Spa Gypsy said...

I met Chris years ago, when we were both writing for Travel & Leisure, and spent a bit of time with him through the years. It was always an experience dining out with him - and yes, I remember him with hair, and without -- but I remember him best with a wine glass in one hand, eloquent and elegant.

Anonymous said...

I jsut learned this weekend of Chirs' pasing --it is so eery to not have known--he was such a great guy --I am so saddened--but he did waht h loved ; a lesson for us all.

Darya in SF

June Pagan said...

Chris Rubin, what can I say about Chris, other than, I think of him often and considered him to be one of the kindest and most thoughtful
human beings, that I have ever croosed path's with.

I am thankful to have many memories of time, shared. My heart goes out to his family, this Thanksgiving,