Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daisy Mint chics up Pasadena

a crystal chandelier and ornate picture frames decorate the storefront Daisy Mint

Back in January, a Chowhound poster first tried the new Pasadena Thai fusion spot Daisy Mint and wrote a glowing review cryptically titled Pasadena Discovery. I took note, but the location near Pasadena City College seemed a bit out of the way, so it took me this long to get there. Started by a couple of ex-designers, the space is adorably decorated in the latest spinster-chic style. (Seems to be an increasingly popular style!) The menu includes most of the Thai staples, like slightly sweet but well-constructed drunken noodles, beef salad and various curries. But there's also a few Korean or Vietnamese-inspired dishes and Amerasian specials like steak with scalloped potatoes. No liquor license, but a vast selection of teas includes a refreshing if rather sweet lemon Thai iced tea. Fusion often means sweet, and I guess this place is no exception.
terrific colorful eggplant salad

But the tangy, spicy dressing on the eggplant salad was a big hit, and the large charbroiled sections of eggplant were a nice change from the usual chopped presentation of this dish. Sophie's chicken satay had bit too much curryish marinade for her, but I thought it had a good flavor. There's a choice of white or brown rice, prices are exceedingly reasonable, and the Chowhounds seem to love the pho, the garlic greenbeans and the salmon with creamy cilantro sauce. Don't come here looking for a super-authentic Thai experience, but rather for a lively atmosphere, an interesting selection of Asian flavors and, bonus, no corkage!
Update: I've returned to Daisy Mint several times, and found several more excellent choices. In particular, the kimchee fried rice is addictive.
Daisy Mint
1218 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena

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Marni said...

i LOVE daisy mint. i work nearby and and it's always so crowded for lunch. the owners are really nice and i love the sort of whimsical and postmodern decor. picture frames on the wall without pictures in them! and the table in the center is made out of an old door, and then glass placed over it. also, the price is right. at lunch, they have great specials.

Sparky said...

my coworkers and i are in there all the time for lunch and we love us our daisy mint! (one guy literally has lunch there four times a week!) their lunch menu is reasonably priced. the yellow curry chicken is my favorite, very delicate flavors with perfectly done chicken. the service is lovely, as Marni said, the ambiance is great too! the only thing i've found lacking is the limp side salad served with lunch, the dressing for which is bland at best. never tried dessert, but they look good from a distance.

UnHip LA said...

i love daisy mint too! i had a pumpkin dessert there that was delicate and delicious. i forgot its name though.

The Queen said...

It was my first time today, and I absolutely loved it. My old standard is Suriya on California, but I may be changing now.

Linda Hopsburry said...

This place looks adorable. I use to live in Pasadena and had such a hard time trying to find quality food for an affordable price. I can't wait to come back and give this place a go!