Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gus's BBQ: Irene gets it all right

nicely fried chicken at Gus's BBQ

In today's L.A. Times, S. Irene ventures to South Pasadena to the remarkably consistent Gus's BBQ, and likes mostly everything about it. But she only gave it one and a half stars, you say. Well, it's a casual family barbecue restaurant and that means it rates between good and very good. I doubt she's given any other equally casual places any more stars. We had a birthday dinner for my son there last week and I liked the fried chicken as much as S. Irene did. I'd also have to agree with her tip to order the pulled pork and brisket as sandwiches, rather than as a large heap of meat which becomes monotonous after a while. Still not loving the not-so-tender greens, but the cole slaw and sweet potato fries are excellent. She didn't even mention the great mint juleps, which elevate the place to a full two stars in my book.

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Anonymous said...

How is the service? We went there the week they opened and they were pretty frazzled.

Anonymous said...

i felt that the service was decent, but the waitresses are a little sour. i guess i can't blame them- food service sucks.

however, on a positive note, they put their mac and cheese back on the menu- the first time i went, they had taken it off, and i was disappointed. now it's back. different, but very delicious and satisfying. not for dieters!

Anonymous said...

Just plain awful. Irene was too kind. This is BBQ on the order of the McRib.

Odd, cause I normally agree with most of your reviews. I may just be a BBQ snob. But once was more than enough. I'll never go back.

City Elf said...

the service is decent and they have great bartenders, but the 'q itself is nothing to write home about. they have some VERY bland sauce. the atmosphere is nice, but i'd only go back for drinks...or maybe dinner, if someone else was paying.

Anonymous said...

Look, folks, you go for the neon sign, okay?

Over the years the food, the service changes, but the neon is (hopefully) forever.

Let's get a piccie of the sign, okay?

Anonymous said...
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