Friday, April 18, 2008

Joel Stein votes "yes" on taco trucks

So far, EatingLA readers, admittedly a self-selecting group, have voted overwhelmingly in favor (79%) of letting taco trucks roam free as long as they conform to health codes, of course, but few other regulations. (You can vote in the right column below the steak ad).

Today, Joel Stein, who has been known to mail order horse prosciutto from Canada and such, made a great sacrifice to eat out for a week and see if it's more expensive than cooking. And surprise, eating at the Hungry Cat is a little pricier than say, a box of Trader Joe's frozen mojito salmon and and a bag of Broccoli Wokly. OK, so it seems a little obvious. But you have to give Stein props for realizing that eating at our favorite truck, the Taco Zone, is going to be cheaper than cooking.

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