Monday, March 31, 2008

Santa Monica in the NYT and more Monday reading

Man about town Charles Runnette sums up Santa Monica's newest dining prospects in Sunday's New York Times travel magazine, although it's hard to find under the title California Kitchens, which I thought was a remodeling feature.

Lots of good stuff in the LA Times health section:
--Mushrooms could be a great source of vitamin D
-- New plates will tell you how much you're actually supposed to be eating
-- Coconut macaroons can help chronic diarrhrea -- who knew?
-- But the Q & A on how much seafood can you eat each week and avoid mercury poisoning is disappointing, because it doesn't address Angelenos' most burning question: just tell me exactly how many spicy tuna rolls and pieces of fatty toro I can eat each week and be done with it already!

And, via LA Biz Observed, Fresh & Easy is holding off on opening any new stores to smooth out wrinkles in their operations -- or perhaps to figure out whether people really wanted that kind of store in the first place.


Natty said...

I went to my first Fresh & Easy about a week ago, the one in Arcadia. It was... odd. Sort of like Trader Joes 10 years ago without the gourmet/specialty angle. I picked up a tiki masala plate for dinner and it was pretty good (liked the sauce and rice, the chicken was a little dry) but the store was odd. Limited like Trader Joes but as charming as a Food 4 Less (ie, not very!)

my little apartment said...

i was really turned off by Fresh & Easy when it first opened in my hood (Highland Park), but now I'm totally sold. it's a great place to pop in for a few things and their Taurino beer is $7 for a 12 pack (it tastes just like Corona) and their Big Kahuna red wine is actually really good for $1.99 (not like insta-hangover juice aka Charles Shaw)

their produce isn't great, but i'm glad its there!

Liz said...

I agree that Fresh & Easy is a bit sterile, but I've found that they, like Trader Joe's, have very low prices for some items compared to grocery stores. I don't do all my shopping there but I do get usually-expensive items like large chocolate bars, nuts, and frozen fruit.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should leave your chronic diarrhea to coconut macaroons--go see a doctor, seriously, your health is important.

Pat Saperstein said...

Thanks, I don't need the coconut macaroons personally, I was just putting it out there for others who might be interested.