Friday, March 14, 2008

Michelangelo closes May 31

Another victim of the Silver Lake Blvd. landlord problems, Michelangelo Pizzeria closes its doors on May 31. We've heard that this could be the new landing pad for Josef Centeno, late of Opus. If so, it could probably get up and running much faster than Reservoir, which is coming along verrrrry slowwwwwllllly.


Anonymous said...

This is terrible, terrible news! They have tghe best pizza I've eaten in LA - plus a burrata worth dying for. I am very sad to sere them go and promise to follow wherever they reopen!

Anonymous said...

We dinned there for the first time last night...It was wonderful! What seemed like the owner took very special notice to our table. He even winced when the younger squeezed a bit too much lemon over the fried calamari, which was simply the best I've had in LA. The location is changing to Rowena - closer to our house:)