Friday, March 14, 2008

Neal Pollack "rotated out" at Epicurious

I had forgotten to check in with the Epicurious blog Epi-Log for a few days, only to find when I finally remembered that Neal Pollack and the adventures of his precocious offspring Elijah have been "rotated out" of the blog line-up. Were the prosiac tales of trips to Whole Foods, Robek's and Pazzo Gelato not foodie enough for the Epicurious aud? Or with the writer's strike over, did Pollack finally get a better-paying gig? Maybe Pollack tired of the way the Epi-Log editors seem to end each post with a question designed to stir up interactivity -- "What do you do about the picky eaters at your house?" Like him or not, it was amusing to read about our neighborhood on a national platform.

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