Friday, February 22, 2008

Upcoming Eastsideish food events

Let those Westsiders and Valley dudes have their precious Sur la Table classes and such. Over here on the near-Eastside we roll a little closer to the earth.

Friday, Feb. 29: The second Food for thought night at Yuca's on Hollywood Blvd., from 6-8 pm.

Monday, March 3: Raw cheesemaking workshop at Machine Projects with Nance Klehm's Living Kitchen.
Monday: March 10: Nance takes on Fruit wine and vinegar.

Tuesday and Wednesday, March 11 and 12: Auntie Em's Farmer's Market dinners; main course choices are Moroccan style lamb stew, cassoulet, braised beef ribs or wild mushroom lasagna; also starters, artisanal cheese plate, pastries. $32 per person, $8 per child.

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H. C. said...

Thanks for the heads-up, the Auntie Em's event sounds great!