Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday round-up

Notable recent openings: The Waffle in Hollywood -- chef is Scooter Kanfer, formerly of The House and the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop. Waffles, breakfast and much more, 22 hours a day.

Lots of new stuff downtown including Saffron, fast food Indian; fancy Tranquility Base with lights that change color every hour, outdoor firepit and brunch bloody mary bar; and Master Chef, a new Chinatown spot in the old Plum Tree Inn location with a chef from Full House.

This week, JustOnePlate visits Square One and gets the French toast recipe with creme out, arteries! If I'm not mistaken, the recipe also appeared in this month's Bon Appetit.

Of course, for nearly every opening, there must be a closing...Steven Arroyo's HappiSongs has closed on La was a cute space, but it never felt quite right, and perhaps Asian is not his forte. EaterLA says the space will be reborn as Wyeth.

Also closed, Sabor a Mexico, the quirky, authentic cafe near Culver City we reveiwed a few months ago...they are supposedly relocating to Jefferson Blvd., making it even harder to get to.


sku said...

Speaking of Square One...we were just there and told they no longer make cookies. They made the most amazing, giant chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies...but not more. Apparently, people weren't ordering them. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

stopped in at The Waffle on Sunset last night. loved their baked-in toasted pecan waffle. not too sweet, which was lovely.

two thumbs up!