Monday, January 07, 2008

Taste test: Meltdown's cheesy goodness

Meltdown's cozy patio -- kids' menu too, take your baby!

Even though we're basically a Hollywood-and-points east blog (god forbid we should invoke the dreaded Eastside label), we do like to mix it up now and then. Especially since every other Saturday I'm stuck near Culver City around lunchtime while my son tries to get beyond his green belt in karate. It's hard to tear yourself away from Surfas, but I still hadn't tried Meltdown, the charming little grilled cheese restaurant that's now open on Saturdays for lunch. I said it about The Point and I'll say it again: Those people in Culver City really know how to launch a concept. Simple idea: grilled cheese with numerous variations, soup, coleslaw, quirky sodas. That's it. Good quality ingredients. Nice outdoor patio with heaters. Super clean, efficient service. It doesn't seem that hard but I can't say there's one place over around Silver Lake that would fit that description. Of course, Culver City was lucky to have super-wide sidewalks and lots of underutilized spaces.
Anyway, I had a perfectly-executed classic tuna melt on marble rye bread -- I should have gone with the half sandwich and soup because it was easily enough for two meals. The tomato soup wasn't quite as creamy as I might have liked, but someone who actually likes tomatoes might enjoy it. The array of sweet melts like goat cheese, fig and honey or brie and apricot is intriguing, so I'll definitely be back to finish exploring the melts.
I also had time to walk around and check out all the new restaurants still under construction, like the styley Akasha, below, which is going to be groovy and organic and biodegradable and stuff. Further up the street, there's another M Cafe de Chaya and Father's Office II opening soon. Excellent, beer for Saturday lunch!


Hilary said...

Oh, I love Meltdown! Their classic three cheese is soooo good. And their (new) dill pickles--yum!

Ellen Bloom said...

I like Meltdown too. Glad to hear it's open on Saturdays now.

Legend says that a Sony exec opened the place just so he could get a decent grilled cheese sandwich at lunchtime, close to the studio!

Georgia Hardstark said...

A restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese??! Dream come true...even if it is on the dreaded West Side.

Love your blog, btw!

pleasurepalate said...

I hosted a grilled cheese sandwich tasting there last year and of the 3 savories, my absolute favorite was the Cheddar, Ham and Apple sandwich. Yum! Another one to try is the Market Fresh and definitely, make room for the apricot and brie sweet melt. It's yummy!

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh! Where is the new MCafe going to be!? At this rate, I'll never move from the westside! If only Boule can come closer this way. Eek!