Wednesday, January 09, 2008

LaMill gears up: an early report

Chowhounder Revets2 got an early taste of LaMill Coffee, which still plans to open Friday morning. I've taken the liberty of reblogging his (her?) report, because you really don't want to read the whole annoying LaMill thread where various posters debate whether the baristas at Intelligentsia have attitude or not.
"Went to the last soft opening lunch at the new LA MILL CAFFÉ.
It's more like an experience. so at opening, if you're dashing in before work to get
a quick cuppa joe and expect to clock in on-time, don't.
Expect:- an elegant and modern european café, not an american coffee house- coffee for coffee geeks: chemex, siphon, a one-of-a-kind in the US, barely out of the
box, hand pounded, 80th anniversary, Marzocco, clover, etc.- specialty coffee drinks that would take 1st prize at any World Barista Championship.
Simple, innovative, out of this world food (loved my BLT made with pork
belly)- professional, knowledgeable service.
LA MILL owners, Michael and team members get high marks for this unique venue, for lifting up the third world communities who supply them, for being earnest and true to an original vision.
Approach the opening with PATIENCE. new ventures are challenging.
Go with grace and enjoy the ride.
And if you want the real deal, maybe wait until the middle of next week, not
friday." Revets2 on Chowhound


Anonymous said...

It's a Her.

Amy Seidenwurm said...

I just stopped by LA Mill for a coffee and bacon muffin to go on my way to work and was surprised/pleased to learn that everything is free today. You can get a full breakfast or lunch if you have the time, which sadly I didn't.

The space/food looks amazing and the coffee and muffin were top notch.

Prices looked kind of ridiculous, though.

Anonymous said...

oh, i hope they crash and burn. feh.