Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wok Ave. to become Pinkberry

I was hoping Silver Lake could escape the Pinkberry plague, letting Los Feliz take our Pinkberry gracefully. But it's not to be, as apparently the Pinksters are setting up shop in the former Wok Ave. space on Hyperion and Rowena, which in the grand tradition of Pinkberries, has a horrible, crowded parking lot. I'm sure many Silver Lakers will be thrilled by this development, but not me, as I find frozen yogurt utterly boring, and I'm starving for a decent Chinese delivery place/roast chicken place/gourmet food to-to place/any other kind of decent restaurant that serves real food instead of frozen milky fluff. At least in San Francisco when they open an ice cream shop, they have the good sense to have burnt caramel and fresh huckleberry flavors.

Also, Flor Morena appears to be closed -- what gives? If they're giving up, let's hope they can get something better in there as well -- or perhaps the Coffee Table will move there when the condos start construction?


anna b said...

good riddance to Flor Morena! Boo on Pinkberry...there is a fro-yo place less than a block away! Different, sure...but still.

Agreed on the Chinese delivery place. Man, if I knew what I was doing, I could make a fortune!

Anonymous said...

is flor morena finally closing? i hope so, never liked the place: inconsistent food, service, parking, conceptually confusing and disappointing... how about a pinkberry/taco bell combo?

Miles said...

Regarding that space for Pinkberry: I can't think of a worse location. It's as if the WeHo problems were isolated. This is -- other than trader joes - the worst parking lot in Silver Lake. Surely, there are spaces on Rowena or Sunset or Glendale (in Atwater, which would really make me happy) where Pinkberry could go. Oh, and I'm with you on a good Chinese take-out place. That's why I went there. It was easy and not horrible...that often.

As for Flor Morena, I had such high hopes, but I only ate there once. It was alright, but not enough to make me go back. Coffee Table would be good there or just a good neighborhood joint where you don't have to wait in line to order and you can have a glass of wine on a nice patio. Would that be so wrong? Sheesh!

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Chado72 said...

I hope you're right about Flor Morena! That place was terrible, especially the Mexican food that was served with canned Rosarita refried beans and the service that ranged from carelessly rude to downright hostile. I live down the street and they haven't been open for at least a week. It could be their inconsistent hours. As for what will be nest, it is a tough location, but with all the condos coming in, parking will be less of a problem. The condos are years away at this point, however, and it would be great to have a solid everyday hang with decent food to complement the Coffee Table and other delicious joints around the area.

Brin said...

Meh, I dunno, after reading the profile on Pinkberry and its owner in the Times a few months ago, I gained a certain appreciation for what she's doing.

Some guy tried to cash in on the Pinkberry idea with his "Kiwi Berry" store, even using signage very similar to the Pinkberry signage, and yet the Pinkberry woman didn't really go after him much; she simply wrote to him asking if he would please alter his signage a little so as to avoid confusion. He complied.

terila said...

I hope the man who owned Wok Avenue sues the owner of the mini-mall. His restaurant was doing fine until the day the nail salon opened.

Yeah, they added the "valets" but they were totally inept. I'm just not interested in handing my keys over to someone just to run in and pick up take out ... then wait for the car to be returned.