Friday, December 15, 2006

Bits 'o news for the weekend

Sorry if posting is slow...crazy busy but will keep adding items at the top as they come in.

Silver Lake's Da Giannino is changing looks like they're continuing the same concept. I know the place has its fans, but I've never once been tempted to try it. As my readers know, other than La Buca, I find mid-range Italian to be one of the most boring types of restaurants, right after mid-range upscale comfort food.

Did Silver Lake Chinese fast-foodery Wok Avenue go out of business? Could there possibly be anything more interesting coming to the high-visibility corner of Rowena and Hyperion? We dare not hope.

We ran into Pamela Kasdan, co-owner of the new Rustic Canyon Wine Bar in Santa Monica, at the Chakra dinner the other night. The menu and wines sound great, if I can just get to Santa Monica one of these days.

There's a new Chinese place to check out in Alhambra, but don't get it confused with the
Silver Lake late night spot. The Kitchen is an outpost of a San Francisco Bay Area upscale Chinese restaurant which is said to be quite good.

A largish new Cuban restaurant is going in on the north side of Pico just west of La Brea...anyone know anything about it?


Miles said...

I loved Da Gianino. They have a fantastic lobster ravioli and a great oso buco...not to mention really fab garlic bread. I hope whatever turns into is as good or better.

As for Wok Ave, I have to admit to also dropping in there on occasion. Sometimes you just need garlic and orange chicken. It was never great, but the sons who ran the place were always nice. The dad was a bit cranky. Anyway, I was wondering what happened to it, too.

silverlake bodhisattva said...

Uh-oh! re: Wok Ave: where's all of marshall going to go for fast-food chinese? The Cam-Man's comment, on hearing this news was "I may have to shoot myself"!

r gould-saltman

TaraMetBlog said...

hmm I'll have to check out that wine bar, I'm always looking for new ones and that's in my hood.