Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday tidbits

Check out Dana Harris' new blog for Variety, the Knife, which looks at the intersection of Hollywood and Food.

The L.A. Times bi-annual "Eagle Rock is hip" article runs a nice photo of Auntie Em's and says that Larkin's, the new soul food restaurant, is due to open "soon," whenever that is.

This week's L.A. foodie attention has been strictly on Mozza... reports are overwhelmingly positive at the moment, but Eating L.A. is going to wait a few more days to let the crush die down.

Is anyone doing anything interesting for Thanksgiving? We're breaking with tradition this year to go out for Chinese food, most likely at Triumphal Palace. I'll save the turkey for my traditional Chrismukkah dinner...or is it Winterval we celebrate these days?

The much-loved Shanghai-style restaurant Green Village has returned to San Gabriel, and Jonathan Gold says its as good as ever. The Chowhounds, always a cantankerous bunch, are not so sure. In pre-Eating L.A. days, our Chinese dining group had an amazing meal there, so I guess we'll have to see for ourselves soon.

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yoony said...

i had the most amazing dinner at triumphal palace a few weeks ago. everything was excellent, except maybe some of the oysters were too big in their oysters w/ginger & scallion dish.