Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cube meets the cheesemakers

Eating L.A. had a lovely time meeting several artisan cheesemakers at Cube Thursday night. My notes are at the office, so I'll embellish later, but here were a few highlights:

We started with a sampler platter of all the evening's cheeses including Dante and Mena from the Wisconsin Sheep Co-op, Toussaint and Ouray from New York's Sprout Creek Farm, artfully served on a slate with the names written next to the cheeses.
We moved on to a platter of pates from Fatted Calf; proscuitto pizza with Mouco Colorouge cheese:

rich squash ravioli; wonderful fegatelli sausage on a bed of ancient chickpeas from Italy and then meltingly tender lamb shank with cheese-infused polenta.

Desserts were Valrhona chocolate pudding with goat cheese and poached pears with blue cheese and mascarpone, both with cheeses from Massachusetts' Westfield Farm.

The evening benefitted Slow Food in Schools, and we enjoyed hearing about Slow Food as well as talking to each of the cheesemakers. Cube is really committed to highlighting the best artisan products, and will likely repeat the cheesemaker dinners as well as adding other types like a charcuterie maker dinner.
Cube is at 615 N. La Brea, and is open for lunch, dinner and cheese shopping from 11 to 10 daily, and until 11 on weekends. BYOB, no corkage.


H. C. said...
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H. C. said...

Great stuff & great cause! Even though I don't have much of a green thumb myself, I have always appreciated programs that show kids that the foods they eat don't just magically pop up in a supermarket.

I'm surprised this event didn't show up on Slow Food LA's site & blog. Too bad (for me.)