Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mozza to go

Reader Josiah was kind enough to send in Eating L.A.'s first Mozza report, of the lunch that his office had catered. Maybe Variety do this for one of our Wednesday night dinners!
"The pizza was very good, but getting 45 minute-old personal sized-pizzas is no way to review a place. As you might imagine, the pizzas were cold and greasy. Even so, they were much better than typical good-for-LA delivery pizza. The chopped Italian salad (sorry, no picture) with lemon fennel dressing was fantastic. The eggplant salad was also darn tasty, with no bitterness at all. My coworkers unanimously preferred the margherita pizza, with the salami and red pepper pizza a distant second." --Josiah
Here's some of Josiah's photos.

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H. C. said...

Thanks for the sneak peek - I can't wait to go when it opens (if I can even get a table)