Thursday, November 02, 2006

Canele spices up Atwater

My review of Canelé in Atwater came out today in the Los Feliz Ledger, with a hefty three out of four stars (scroll down on the page for the review). Here's an excerpt from the review:

I’m immediately cheered when I take the first taste of my clams in broth. A nice-sized bowl of Little Neck clams are swimming in a rich broth studded with an unusual combo of black-eyed peas, Christmas lima beans and Dixie butter beans. My friends are equally pleased; one with sliced leg of lamb on a bed of pearly Israeli cous cous and one with the shrimp paella which resembles a loose, smoky risotto... only one month in, Canelé is already off to a very appealing start in a neighborhood starved for places that get it right.


Anonymous said...

"We didn’t get one of the namesake canele pastries on the way out the door!"

Is that more urban legend than actual fact?

SIV was similarly stiffed ...

Nice writeup.

Miles said...

I got one.