Friday, September 29, 2006

Larchmont Grill in the Los Feliz Ledger

Check out my review of the Larchmont Grill in the latest issue of the Los Feliz Ledger (scroll down on the page). Here's an excerpt: "The Larchmont Grill fills that space that every neighborhood needs: a restaurant where diners chat with their neighbors, where parents can have a nice glass of wine while the kids have their burger, where the service is affable and competent. Like your mom’s dining room, these kind of restaurants aren’t supposed to be cutting-edge — they’re supposed to make their patrons feel at home while dishing out some hearty food." In brief, not a very inspiring menu, but a handy place for a business lunch or an early dinner with the young 'uns.


Anonymous said...

The dessert (cookie?) plate was really good, it had this amazing caramel cheesecake we were all fighting over. The short ribs are good, the Korean style ones not so good. I'd be interested in trying the bolognese. I liked the service, which is a rare thing in this town. We'll probably try it again soon.

Anonymous said...

Adding to anonymous' comments, I had the Korean ribs the time I went and thought they were sad, yet the service and ambiance are definitely pluses, and I just hope they can improve the food act, and sooner is better.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that this restaurant has opened. My meal was tasty and satisfying, service was attendtive and enjoyable and the surroundings made it so completely comfortable for me and my husband to enjoy our one night out. I had the Halibut which just melted in my mouth and I even snuck some of my husband's Pork Chop which was cooked to perfection and incredibly moist. We ended our night with the Flourless Chocolate Cake that completed the experience for me. I normally patronize the more trendy spots in town, but with the good food and comfort at this Larchmont spot . . .who needs it!

Anonymous said...

I need one sentence to describe Larchmont Grill’s menu offerings: FANTASTIC “feed- your-cravings” comfort food with healthy options for those trying to fit into last winter’s suit! The restaurant itself is extremely charming (it reminds me of an old Victorian mansion that can only be found in northern California wine country), yet sophisticated in décor – quietly nestled in the “Larchmont neighborhood” just blocks away from Paramount Studios. They have seating both inside and out, upstairs and down. The staff is courteous, kind and knowledgeable (which, for those who eat out in LA often, can be a rarity). For lunch, I highly recommend the Mac & Cheese (made with cheddar AND Gruyere for a creamier texture), the BBQ Chopped Salad, and Sautéed Asparagus as a side. As for dinner, everything is good – especially the Pan Roasted Miso Cod, Crab & Avocado Gazpacho, and Cream Corn Gratin. For a heartier appetite, try the Rack of Lamb with the Fall Salad, the BBQ Short Ribs, the Pork Chops – or ANY burger from the Burger Menu!!!

Anonymous said...


We were finishing our meal and one of the spastic servers ran into our table and there was a HUGE CRASHING noise echoing throughout the resaurant and our beverages spilled everywheren and especially in our dishes ruining the remainder of the meal!!

I have no problem forgiving the situation, it was an accident BUT I have a problem when staff and management just treated it like it never happend!~ BAD BAD

Management or the staffer made NO APOLOGIES! NO ..."CAN WE BUY YOU DESERT? NOTHING.

I was so startled I got NAUSEOUS and it ruined my afternoon.
Management ignored it and gave us the bill. We aren't ones to make scenes in restaurants so we just paid. (But now I am going to post a review)

There are so many problems with this restaurant, first off the whole staff runs around like theres a fire and place was practically empty!! forgetting things/ speaking at the top of their lungs. It was so annoying. One server girl talked sooo loud and asking the same tables over and over again... IS EVERTHING OK?? .....EXCEPT GUESS WHAT???.... She didn't come by us after our meals were RUINED!! Wait time for our meals were over 20 minutes!

It is a small intimate cottage stuffed with tooooo many tables obviously to turn a profit. In an environment that is intimate it is important not to have your servers too loud too annoying and guess what they all were.....NEVER AGAIN.

Food was marginal at best....NOT worth the terrible atmosphere.