Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday widgets

Swamped at work but I haven't forgotten y''s a few tidbits to keep you going.

Did you think a new Middle Eastern restaurant was coming to Atwater? Well, not unless Tony Shalhoub is the head chef. The film AmericanEast, about Arab-Americans, constructed an realistic-looking restaurant set in the former Manila Oriental market space on Glendale Blvd., just up the street from Osteria Nonni. Filming will continue for another few weeks.

Nonni and Netty's, both survivors of the '80s, are in the midst of changing hands. The new proprietor of Netty's is Gloria Felix. The new brunch menu looks good, but I hope she updates the regular menu, which is looking a little 80s-ish.

The New York Times discovers Musha, Orris and Izakaya Haru Ulala in a story by new L.A. bureau chief Jennifer Steinhauer. I beg to differ, though, some of the vegetable dishes at Haru Ulala are quite nice and they're not all fried, either. And it really isn't that hard to obtain the cod.


Anonymous said...

Was Gloria's the place that used to be on the wedge-shaped piece of land at the intersection of Griffith Park and Sunset, which now has a little park and traffic island on it? I VAGUELY remember eating there, I think when I was still yet kid-less, which makes it 16+ years ago..

What's the scoop on Nonni?

Pat Saperstein said...

Yes, apparently that was the case, yet the brain cells can't seem to access it, although I ate frequently at Seafood Bay across the street!

Miles said...

Ha. I walked by the middle east place over the weekend and got so excited. Falaffel in Atwater! So, I walked by again yesterday, hoping against hope to get a fallafel within walking distance of home, and was bitterly disappointed. I thought it might look like a movie set, but it was so realistic. When did the Manila Maket close? Will somebody please please please open up a Middle Eastern restaurant in that exact location?

Regarding Noni, after my disappointment, I continued down Glendale and saw the change of ownership sign in the window. I asked the manager inside and he said they only have about 4 weeks left.

So, only 4 weeks left to eat that delish bread. Go now and go often. I hope what replaces it is just as good. Of course, if it was a middle eastern place...

Meanwhile, can somebody please confirm or deny if it will be a wine bar in the old Ranch Market? Please God, make it so.

Joanne said...

Hi, Pat- just read your post about Netty's future new owner, Gloria Felix. She is not, however, the same Gloria who used to run Gloria's in Silverlake. She has cooked at many of LA's finest restaurants, though, including Lucques, AOC, Grace, Jar, Vida, and she is the chef who created the menu at Blair's in Silverlake. Her menu will change once the sale takes place at Netty's, but for now, you should definitely try the Sunday Brunch- it's wonderful.