Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday in the park with pie: The Trails

trail from the snack stand to the observatory
I'm sure there's something to be said for the soggy fries and pallid popcorn sold at Griffith Park's food stands -- mainly the fact that they exist at all when your two-year old is having a pony ride-induced tantrum, for example. But if you'd like something a little better to look forward to after a Griffith Park hike, the Trails has thankfully taken over one of the park's lackluster food stands. It's the one on Fern Dell Drive, which is at the very end of Los Feliz where it turns into Western.

The Trails snack stand
We tried an avocado sprouts sandwich, a tri-tip meat pie and some berry pie. Matt reported that the meat pie was very tasty. The sandwich would have been great if they hadn't used American cheese, and the pie was more like "hey, there's some frozen blueberries and granola in the kitchen, let's bake it up and see what happens" than an actual pie. But it doesn't really matter -- it's certainly better than what was there before, and the Trails also appears to offer a decent cup of coffee as well as Fosselman's ice cream. Plus, it's a good motivator for hiking -- "honey, if you make it to Mt. Hollywood, there's pie a la mode on the way down."
Now if you could just get an understandable park trail map there, it would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

I have had the meat pie with the chive dip and yes it is really tasty though it could be stuffed with more meat.

Anonymous said...

gurl i want me som chili and e vegan pie!
call me!