Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pizza wrap-up

Finally, the pizza marathon is over. Read my article Any Way You Slice It in VLife Weekend for the whole rundown. Dana and Rachel also tasted pizzas, so the opinions are not all mine. I know some people like Mulberry St., but our taster didn't, so we left it out. And unfortunately I never got to Pace or the place on Larchmont.


Anonymous said...

Well, sorry, but you guys lose all credibility excluding Mulberry Street. Clearly, on the question of pizza, you can't be trusted.

Jessica said...

I happen to be in the Northeast going back and forth along the Merritt Pkwy/91/95 corridor this week, and just had pizza at Pepe's in New Haven tonight.

Holy. Cow. and Stuff. How bittersweet having such lovely carbonized crust and tangy sauce, and knowing NOTHING like that exists in L.A. Waaa!! The years I lived in CT were further wasted by never going to Wooster St. Only drawback was the non-use of real mozzarella di bufala, or any sort of fresh mozz.

I'm trying to not get too down on my hometown, but it's been hard not to this fall season!

Just wondering -- why no Angeli? I think Evan K. makes the best pizza you can find in L.A., and has done so since 1984...

bryan said...

the white clam and garlic pizza at
nicky d's on rowena has been the closest i've found to the new haven pizza my wife
and i have been yearning for. it doesn't seem to show up much in discussions of pizza in l.a.

Pat Saperstein said...

I didn't include Nicky D's because they've just been too inconsistent. I've had good pizzas, burned pizzas, forgotten pizzas -- they just can't seem to get it together.
And I promise I'll try Mulberry St. myself -- it's defintely problematic to have an article with your name on it, yet have other people who also tried pizzas.

tim said...

and Village Pizzeria on Larchmont is the closest thing to NY pizza I have had in LA.
It tastes like pizza and not some weird approximation on what a pizza should be.

And Pizza Belle (on Highland and Franklin) that is located inside the market in that mini-mall is always good when i need a fix of pizza like back home. It is strange that it is located inside a market but that is LA for you.

And i cannot believe anything was even remotely edible at Damiano's. People sucker me back to the nasty hole and i am disappointed every time.