Sunday, November 13, 2005

A little Chinese taste

Charles with a huge helping of bean curd
After the Thai food presentation, Charles and I had a bite at Good Taste, a well-hidden little Chinese diner on College St. in Chinatown. Free parking and super-low prices are two reasons why this place is a good find on a busy Saturday, but we thought the food was pretty solid, too. We especially enjoyed the home made bean curd ($6.55) which comes with a rich brown sauce with ground pork. It was lightly fried with an eggy coating, and the bean curd inside was custardy and soft, a perfect counterpart to the savory sauce. The shrimp with boy choy ($7.95) was light and simple, just the thing for a relatively healthy lunch. But if you're really watching your pennies, check out Good Taste's dinner and lunch specials which are all $3.95 each including soup and rice. Choices include shredded pork with fried bean curd, squid with pickled vegetables, fish filet in Chinese rice wine and the aforementioned home made bean curd, as well as all the usual suspects. Plus, they deliver. (I don't know how far, but good to know if you're near downtown.) What's not to like?
Good Taste
625 W. College St., #109
(213) 628-8288