Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The week's news

The L.A. Times has revealed the location of Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's new pizzeria/restaurant/etc. -- it's on the corner of Melrose and Highland, former location of Emilo's and then Alessi's. In any case, it was the only space available with a "grandfathered" wood-burning pizza oven. It all sounds wonderful. Apparently David Rosoff, formerly of Campanile and Opaline, will be joining Silverton and Batali at the as-yet unnamed spot.

Favorite dish description of the week:
Now that Bastide is going back to traditional French food, where will we go for food like this:
Chicago's Alinea offers "a single piece of limp bacon in butterscotch, apple and thyme and hung on a tiny silver clothesline."

Oh, my god, I am so jealous of the New York Times' R.W. Apple, who found the most amazing Thai delicacies -- think Banana flower salad -- on a recent trip to Bangkok. Here's his article "On the Streets of Bangkok."


Anonymous said...

But what will happen to Alessi? I love Alessi's pizza!

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