Friday, October 14, 2005

Shameless self-promotion

But that's what L.A.'s all about, right? No, actually L.A. is about that moment when you find the perfect burrito, and a surface street shortcut to get there...but I digress.

If you have kids or ever need to feed and entertain kids, check out my story Declaring a dining truce in Variety's VLife Weekend. My kids aren't the greatest eaters in the world, but feel free to email for more suggestions.

And thanks to Gridskipper, the cool travel blog from the Gawker/Defamer family of blogs, for posting my article A Cuisinart of Ethnicities for their special L.A. day Friday.

For more self-congratulation, stay tuned for Eating L.A.'s 100,000 visitor party coming soon to a bar near me.