Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tangy event: Julia Child meets California citrus

The Pasadena Museum of History is hosting JULIA CHILD IN ORANGE GROVE PASADENA on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 7:30. There will be a panel discussion about Child's early life in Pasadena and influence on American cuisine. Chefs from Le Cordon Bleu California School of Culinary Arts will present tastes including:

· Duck Rillette withTangerine Marmalade on a Wheat Crisp

· Fruit Nut Bread with Candied Grapefruit and Citrus Butter

· California Lemon Crepes

· Tequila Lime Sausage on a Corn Biscuit

· Pork Tenderloin with a Kumquat Glaze on Brioche

· Tangerine and Tarragon Sherbet on an Orange Florentine Cone

· Orange Grande Marnier BombĂ©

TICKETS: $25 general; $20 Museum members include tasting, program and exhibition entry. Reservations recommended; please call 626-577-1660, ext. 10.


Anonymous said...

But what's the point of a panel discussionwith a bunch of nobodies who'd never met her?

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