Wednesday, September 28, 2005

News and notes

Great story in the L.A. Times on health ratings for Chinese restaurants. On the one hand, I feel like there should be some concession to traditional food preparation methods such as air-drying ducks. On the other hand, couldn't they just get rid of some of those bugs the inspector keeps seeing in plain sight? Despite the fact that food-borne illness has supposedly gone down 13% since letter grading started, I kind of agree with the restaurant owners that point out that their customers don't get sick and keep coming back. I won't mention the name of the only place I've ever gotten actual food poisoning (as opposed to a slight funny tummy from sushi or something), but it's a reputable non-ethnic restaurant with a standard salads, steaks and burgers-type menu, so go figure.

Flor Morena Fine Foods is now open in Silver Lake, serving soul food, Mexican food and sandwiches and salads. I plan to try it soon, but most of their menu would be a calorie splurge -- chicken fried steak, ribs, fried chicken and catfish po'boys are a few of their featured dishes. There are a few tables to eat in but I think they're counting on a lot of takeout business.
2742 Rowena, Silver Lake
(323) 665-3567 (call for hours)