Thursday, April 28, 2005

News and notes April 28: Cheese whizzes

It's a big week for cheese...cheese enthusiasts in the New York Times; fresh ricotta cheese in the L.A. Times; Sonoma cheese in the Washington Post; and an educated rant about the lack of artisanal American cheese in L.A. by extremely knowledgeable Chowhound poster Judi. I like how one person who answered her thought she was talking about colby and longhorn...I guess he doesn't get out much.

So cool...
I must be a terrible mom not to pack these lovely little bento boxes for my kids' lunches. I wish someone would pack them for my lunches. Of course, these are nothing compared to some of the ones made by ambitious moms in Japan.

The changing face of Glendale
First Alegemac's closes, and now Cinnabar. No news yet on what will happen to the bar from Yee Mee Loo. It must be hard to sustain buzz on an upscale place for 10 years or more...although Asian is still hot, perhaps their style of pan-Asian wasn't very interesting anymore.


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