Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Nadpob still the bomb

Eating L.A. reported on Nadpob, also located in Silver Lake's finest crackhead minimall, when it first opened back in August. We're still exploring the menu there, and so far I'm pleasantly impressed. Their pad kee mao (spicy flat noodles) are truly a wonder. If you order them spicy, they will not gringo you, so be warned. I think their main problem is that since they cater mainly to Thais, they tend to use lesser cuts of meat, and so some of the chicken and pork dishes tend to be a touch fatty and gristly. They do a really nice green papaya salad, and we enjoyed trying the Thai sausage dish -- not as sizzingly succulent as it was fresh off the grill at the Thai temple, but still tangy and peppery. I still haven't worked up the courage to try the fish maw in red wine sauce or the German pork leg, but one of these days... Anyway, it doesn't get any more authentic than this east of Vermont, so if parking in Thai Town seems too onerous, give it a try.
Nadpob is still cash only, but it does deliver now.
Open 4-12 weekdays, 4 pm to 2 am weekends.
4321 Sunset Blvd.

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Anonymous said...

get the german pork leg thing, it's friggin decadent but AWESOME. awesome.