Thursday, March 17, 2005

The week's news

Fun article on nouveau cocktails in the San Francisco Weekly. Most of the examples are in Houston, of all places, which seems to be pretty innovative on the cocktail front. For example, "Saffron, the new Moroccan spot on Lexington, is serving an incredible almond milk martini and a delicate pomegranate-and-pear drink they call a pompar." Count me in.

I'm not sure Jonathan Gold's Vietnamese sampler was that comprehensive, but then I'm kind of new to Vietnamese food. I've heard mixed things about the Blue Hen, and I think Pho Cafe is completely tasteless. I might have gone with Brodard, Lee Kam Lee, Baguette Express, KP's Vietnamese Deli and Gingergrass.


LYT said... to the SF Weekly goes to the Houston Press.
I recommend them both because I write for them both, but...what's the deal?

Pat Saperstein said...

Well, SF Weekly had this in their Web-only section, linking directly to the Houston Press. I read the SF Weekly from time to time (for Meredith, you, Amy and Dan Savage) but I never get to the Houston Press.

Anonymous said...

In regarding to Pat Saperstein comment...At first, I would think Pho Cafe is not as good as others Pho but after a second and third trip, that completely changing my mind. The reason is Pho at Pho Cafe is fresh and no MSG in compare to others. Try it again and see.