Friday, March 18, 2005

Vodka-licious: Cinnabar tasting menu and seven new flavored vodkas

Modern Spirit's Litty Mathew writes, "Did we mention that Cinnabar in Glendale is pairing five of our vodkas in a 5-course tasting menu? It's Tuesday, March 29, $65 a person. Call the restaurant and RSVP, 818-551-1155. I can't wait to see what Chef Damon comes up with. I love his cooking."
Cinnabar's creative pan-Asian food seems like it would be an excellent complement to Modern Spirit's new flavor palette, which includes black truffle, candied ginger, celery peppercorn, grapefruit honey, pear lavender, rose petal and tea. Modern Spirits vodkas are great for sipping on their own, or can be combined for unusual cocktails. A number of restaurants have recently added Modern Spirits to their bars, including Beechwood, Luna Park, Grace and Falcon.


Jessica said...

Those vodkas do sound delish. Alas, I wish Cinnabar's food were better and more focused. But that hisoric bar from Chinatown is just so awesome! Worth a trip for drinks and apps.

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