Sunday, April 26, 2015

Go Get 'Em Tiger: Hyperion Gets a Coffee Energy Infusion

Reko Ethopian filtered coffee gets the day started alertly

The stretch of Silver Lake between Sunset Junction and Broome St. on Rowena is lacking some good coffee action. Say Cheese is serviceable but other than that, might as well just get a free sample at Trader Joe's. So it was exciting to see Go Get 'Em Tiger, the serious coffee outpost from Larchmont from Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski (this year's U.S. champion barista), open a coffee pop-up.
Coffees available include the unusual turmeric/ginger/almond/macadamia cappucino
Located in the former Lucky Duck space, where Hyperion meets Griffith Park Blvd., it's only for four months or so while they ready their new location next to Bar Covell on Hollywood Blvd., but we'll take it, and hope that maybe another quality caffeine outpost will take over that location. It's a pretty basic operation -- a few pastries, a few bags of coffee available and a focus on espresso, cappucino and filtered coffee. The almond/macadamia milk infused cappucino ($5) is plenty rich despite the absence of milk products, with a hint of nuttiness. Filtered coffee ($4) is smooth and bright, with enough for two cups in each carafe. It kept me focused and alert all day, and as I once told FoodGPS, I felt like a better person after drinking it. Which seems well worth $4. Also, the L.A. Family School dads are pretty stylin, so there's that.

Go Get 'Em Tiger
2630 Hyperion Ave.
Open 7 am to 2 pm or so, until August or so

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