Thursday, August 08, 2013

Quick Bites: Yujean Kang Re-Appears at Chi Lin Under a Flock of Butterflies

a striking red door marks the entrance
What: Chi Lin
Where: 9201 Sunset Blvd., 310-278-2068
Why: You've run out of places to take your agent or you got kicked out of Soho House for talking on your phone at dinner. 
the walls are covered in reflective glass butterfly tableaux
The goods:  Yujean Kang, whose Pasadena restaurant was one of the area's only upscale/fusion Chinese restaurants for nearly 20 years, has landed as executive chef at Chi Lin, an upscale fusion Chinese spot on the Sunset Strip. Adjacent to RivaBella, they're both owned by IDG.
shrimp toast

The look: The spiritual heir to previous celeb-infused Strip spots like Roy's, Chi Lin has a stunning design of reflective butterfly tableaux enclosed in glass walls surrounded by lots of black lacquer, with servers in long columns of gold gowns. It's a pretty glitzy scene, with a menu that hits current crazes like kale salad, old-school Chinese dishes like Hong Kong Pineapple Rice and and dishes that might be found in the SGV like minced lamb with pickled mustard greens.
Peking duck

What to order: Peking Duck is classic and crispy; shrimp toast is a fun appetizer; there's plenty of vegetable choices like wok-charred green beans, kale and mushroom salad and garlic chile Brussels sprouts.

(I attended a press preview for this restaurant.)

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Unknown said...

I think these non-veg dishes are quite delightful and cheers the customers. The Peking duck has its own charm.Can't hold myself to visit Pasadena restaurant but not sure about best indian food recipes if they can serve to me or not.